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YOU, the debut album from JJ Nolis, is an acoustic mixture of Pop, Folk, and Easy Listening Music from one of America's best new singer - songwriters. Powerful songs mixed with soaring vocals, JJ Nolis - YOU is the perfert album to touch your heart and cradle your soul.

A recent review by Patrick Arena in Vice magazine writes... "here is a debut album that people will cherish because it is filled with delicate, comforting, peace and quiet. It lowers my heart rate and blood pressure, calms my Chelsea nerves. John is not afraid to leave spaces in the songs. He seems to be saying we don't have to hurry. We can take time to think it through. Take time to remember and feel."

And I Wonder is a song set alone in bed, wondering where you are. The harmonies transform the simple sentiments into melancholia. I love those long fade outs into the distance. The blues makes an appearance.

And I Pray is a song more directly painful, dealing with that old geographical cure that goes nowhere.

And the songs Come Away and Call You My Lover work as tonics to the pain of the previous emotions.

These original songs are mixed in with smartly chosen songs by Melissa Etheridge, Tom Waits, Kim Carnes, and others whose songs are rarely covered. All these songs are beautifully written.

It is to John's credit that his own material holds up so strongly next to these treasures. It's his plaintive, masculine voice that pulls it all together. His singing is like a massage that makes YOU just moan.